Last week for Julien Meilland! Ends Sunday, March 13th.

Julien Meilland does not create images. He aims to choreograph an event on paper. His paintings carry the appearance of movement, made of space and time, of material and color.

Originally trained at the rigorous Ecole Boulle in Paris as a master woodworker, Meilland slowly eliminated his plans and tools in order to operate directly between the color and paper. In his first series of abstractions, he printed the chance of movement and water by dipping paper in a pigment bath. Unknowingly following the steps of Gerhard Richter and John Cage, his paintings are the mark of a universal dance, constantly simplifying his process to capture the essence of movement itself, the chance of contact and trajectory.

In his second series of abstractions, Meilland walks the color across wet paper, the pigment thickened and rolled into a long snake and dragged between two pieces of wood, to create a topography of passage. Far from a personal, fixed vision, this process includes the viewer, opening the door into the emotion and meaning of our constantly reinvented dance. Sometimes appearing almost natural, or “right”, as Richter sought to achieve in his landscape-like abstractions, at other times seemingly calligraphic or objectively designed, Meilland’s paintings are like photographs, an instantaneous painting that activates our contemplation of the universal. Rather than bringing us a way of seeing, Meilland brings us into the moment of creation.

Julien Meilland was born in France in 1987. He graduated from the prestigious Ecole Boulle in cabinetry and woodworking, while exhibiting his paintings and drawings extensively across France. Recipient of many national awards, his conceptual work has developed over the last two years into a masterful painting practice that stands strongly on the forefront of conceptual abstraction today. This is his first US exhibition.