(Untitled), four beds

A Y D E N   L E R O U X

N O V  6  -   27

Opening Reception: Thursday November 3rd, 6-9pm with experimental music

Panel Discussion: Saturday November 5th, 6-8pm

Exhibition on view through Sunday November 27th, 2016 (Open Friday - Sunday, 1pm - 5pm or by appointment).

Ayden LeRoux and IDIO Gallery are your hosts for an intimate installation of four beds, each covered in a different material that provides a unique sensory experience. On a pilgrimage to the earthworks of the Southwest, LeRoux harvested salt from around Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty and used the preservative to crystallize bed sheets. Other beds are filled with such symbolic materials as soil and rice. Pages of women’s diaries and dating advice are sewn together to wrap another. The seduction of beauty and intimate space gives way to darker issues: assumptions about domestic labor, femininity, sexuality, and the treacherous border of preservation and destruction, illness, and health. Each bed installation is fertile ground for an indelible sleep.

cc Ayden LeRoux/IDIO Gallery

cc Ayden LeRoux/IDIO Gallery

cc Ayden LeRoux / IDIO Gallery

cc Ayden LeRoux / IDIO Gallery

cc Ayden LeRoux / IDIO Gallery

cc Ayden LeRoux / IDIO Gallery

(Untitled), four beds receives the mark of the body and explores the experiences held within and between the sheets. Making this private—yet universal—space public, visitors are invited to spend the night in a bed of their choosing by making a reservation through Airbnb. With this exhibition, IDIO Gallery hosts a conversation about the relationship between art and hospitality—what does it mean to surrender and be vulnerable in an art space? What are the poetics of labor that exist in operating a gallery? How is hospitality embedded in the act of creating art? Is hospitality an act necessary to the survival of art spaces? Through her experiential installations, LeRoux explores what generosity and intimacy look like in the art world.

Far from the traditional museum and gallery experience, this work is meant to be touched. Please join us for a public opening on Thursday November 3rd, from 6-9pm. Between November 3rd and 27th, viewers may reserve the bed of their choice for a night through Airbnb for a nominal fee. (Press passes available.)

A panel about the relationship between art, hospitality, and women’s roles in such was presented in conjunction with the exhibition on Saturday, November 5th, from 6-8pm. The panel will be facilitated by Laurel Ptak (Director of Triangle Arts Association) and speakers include artist Ayden LeRoux, Emma Sulkowicz (artist, Mattress Performance [Carry That Weight]), Jamie Warren (PhD in American History, Indiana University), and Montana Simone (IDIO Director).

Click here to listen to the recording.

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AYDEN LeROUX is an artist and author whose practice spans installation, sculpture, video, photography, performance, poetry and essay in order to explore intimacy. Her work has been presented by chashama, Flux Factory, and the International Photography Festival. She has exhibited in China, Cuba, Greece, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. She has participated in residencies at Flux Factory, the ACE Hotel, and Space on Ryder Farm. Additionally, she is the Assistant Director of Odyssey Works, which studies the life of one individual in order to create massive, multidisciplinary performances for that person. She is the author of Isolation and Amazement, published by Samsara Press in 2012, and the co-author of Odyssey Works: Transformative Experiences for an Audience of One, written with Abraham Burickson and published by Princeton Architectural Press in 2016.

IDIO is a contemporary art gallery and performance space located between iron and auto workshops in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The space aims to foster iconoclastic arts, challenging thought and the experience of freedom in a time of consumerist conformity. Curating focuses on experimental work across media, including 2D (painting, illustration, printmaking, collage), sculpture, installation, performance, sound art, experimental film and video, and music. 

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