For this exhibition, both artists have created new bodies of work that respond to each other and to the times. Koharian lent his haunting style to the aura of Donald Trump, creating a terrifying portrait in the spirit of Francis Bacon’s […] Portrait of Pope Innocent X.  His alter-ego, Frank Barbarian, has taken over the stage, scribbling on the walls and building an altar to Maine’s back woods, complete with Red Snapper hot dogs, Allen’s Coffee Brandy and B&M Baked Beans.  Greenwald has built his studio into a corner of the basement, and as he makes and stretches the 80+ paintings for this show, his workspace grows color and form, gradually turning into a sculpture itself and birthing smaller sculptures that spread into the space.

Both of these artists tread the line between insider and outsider, whether in the art world or in society itself. Dealing with isolation, repression, self-expression, pressure and limitation, their childlike fantasies simultaneously soothe and haunt them. In a world where we feel increasingly out of control, relinquishing political power to the corporate elites, relinquishing space and resources to growing populations, relinquishing dreams to survival strategies, we are like children – and where fatalism reigns, humor saves the day.

Opening on Thursday, June 30th from 6PM until late, we will celebrate together with the music of George Clanton (100% Electronica), and enjoy the food of celebrated Chef Adam Leonti (Brooklyn Baking Lab, Williamsburg Hotel).

A limited edition zine made by the artists for the opening will be freely available while supplies last (75 copies). 

Stephen Koharian, Megalomania, oil, 48"x36"

Stephen Koharian, Megalomania, oil, 48"x36"

Eliot Greenwald, various portraits,   2016  Acrylic paint on muslin  15"x11"x2"

Eliot Greenwald, various portraits, 


Acrylic paint on muslin