5:00 PM17:00

Benjamin Heller: Artist Talk

Multidisciplinary artist Benjamin Heller in conversation with curator Montana Simone at IDIO Gallery for the closing of FLOW: tactile Sculptures.

Questions to follow.

free Perrier.

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to Oct 1

Benjamin Heller: sculpture

Sculptor, photographer, dancer, set-designer Benjamin Heller

Shows large and small sculptures of stone, wood and other natural materials

Shaped with the hands and mind of a poet, humanist and naturalist

On display at IDIO Gallery from Sept 14 - October 1, 2017

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4:00 AM04:00

Olio Read-In: Meditations, the Wisdom of Everyday

from ThinkOlio.com

from ThinkOlio.com

“Say to yourself first thing in the morning: today I shall meet people who are meddling, ungrateful, aggressive, treacherous, malicious, unsocial. I cannot be harmed by any of them.”

We can choose the way we live. Meditations, by stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius is a journal of observations and life instructions to himself that pierces through theoretical philosophical discourse into the heart of what philosophy can offer us: a different way of life. The choice of a way of life is open to all people- it is a real option that can enrich and inform our everyday experience of the world and of ourselves. This is the perspective we call wisdom- for Aurelius, philosophy is merely a preparatory exercise for wisdom. Gathering together around Meditations will allow us to apply Stoic philosophy to the dilemmas we face in life, and therby transform his philosophy into something resembling a wisdom of the everyday.

Drawing on the tradition of radical teach-ins, Think Olio is making a call to intellectual arms with read-in's on Sunday afternoons. 

In this spirit, we invite you to join us for Think Olio’s radical read-ins. Read-ins are meant to be practical, participatory, and oriented toward action. We'll ask our professors to take a complex piece of scholarship and make it accessible and usable.

As a community of socially engaged thinkers, we will focus on thoughtful solutions to the problems that are dividing us.

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to Mar 12

Kool A.D. + Cult Days: Total Relevance

KOOL A.D. in collaboration with CULT DAYS
February 23 – March 12, 2017

Opening Reception: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd, 6-8pm
Performance at 8pm with $10 suggested donation to benefit the Palestine Children's Relief Fund (RSVP here: https://kool_ad_cult_days_idio_gallery.eventbrite.com/)
Artist Talk: Kool A.D. + Cult Days with Candice Fortin: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25th, 6pm

IDIO Gallery is proud to present TOTAL RELEVANCE, a multimedia installation of new work by Kool A.D. in collaboration with Cult Days, curated by Lauren Wolchik. Kool A.D. (Victor Vazquez) and Cult Days (Saba Moeel) create parallel universes dripping with color where the familiar is twisted for new meaning, playfully at times, brutally at others. Mother Jones described Vazquez' work as "a thoughtful effort to deconstruct and rearrange cultural objects in ways that challenge our deepest assumptions." Brought from Baja California, Mexico, and finished in Brooklyn, this collection of interrelated drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, films, and sounds attempts to describe “the universal” — the point at which all relevance is shared or, in other words: TOTAL RELEVANCE.

Kool A.D. will read from his novel OK: A Novel (Sorry House) at 7pm on Wednesday, February 22nd, at The Center for Fiction (17 E. 47th St.), free with RSVP: www.centerforfiction.org/calendar

Kool A.D. is a multidisciplinary Afro-Cuban artist born in San Francisco who works primarily with light, sound, and people. A former member of the New York-based rap group Das Racist, Kool A.D. has since released over 20 albums under his own moniker. Cult Days is a spiritual leader and futurist working in fashion, graphic design, and music. They live with their daughter Sevi in Baja California, Mexico.

IDIO Gallery is the radical host to experimental art and music in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The space fosters iconoclastic arts, curating experimental work across media, from 2D to sculpture, installation, performance, sound art, experimental video, and music.

Kool A.D. • @veeveeveeveevee • www.koolad.asia
Cult Days • @cultdays • cultdays.bandcamp.com

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7:00 PM19:00

Sound Art: Bad Jazz Ensemble

IDIO Presents

Bad Jazz Ensemble

February 22nd, 2017

7PM - Free Entry

Formed in late 2014, experimental improvisation trio, Bad Jazz, has been taking audiences on improvised auditory journeys that defy the normal explanations of musical theory. Their music is a stream of consciousness, ebbing and flowing from one texture to the next. Although the personnel of the group is variable, key members include Bryan Day, Tania Chen and Ben Salomon. The three met in San Francisco, California but come from a diverse geographic background. Tania is from London, England, Bryan hails from Omaha, Nebraska and Ben originates from Littleton, New Hampshire. Many of the noises emanating from the group come from hand made instruments designed and built by the performers. Other sounds are more traditional, such as piano, random percussion and analog synthesizers. No sound discrimination allowed, whether loud, soft, scratchy or melodic. The only rule is that there are no rules. This makes for new and fresh performances with performance. Bad Jazz's second release, Tincture, is available on Oakland's Friends and Relatives records.
Facebook page

Tania Chen is a performance and video sound artist, experimental musician and free improviser. She performs internationally on piano, keyboards, digital, vintage electronics and found objects. Tania has recorded and collaborated with Stewart Lee, Steve Beresford, Henry Kaiser, William Winant, Wadada Leo Smith, Thurston Moore, David Toop and with the bands Bad Jazz and Tender Buttons. Forthcoming recordings are John Cage's "Electronic Music for Piano". Her solo recordings include Michael Parsons & Cornelius Cardew's Piano music, John Cage's "Music of Changes" and a forthcoming recording of Andrew Poppy's piano music.

Bryan Day is a sound artist, musical instrument designer and conceptual artist. His sound work focuses on the subtle textural interplay of natural recordings and amplified electronic sounds generated by his invented instrumentation. Using scavenged electronics, repurposed mechanical components, and amplified materials that you might find in your garage or your great uncle's office, he re-imagines them into constructivist sound sculptures. In addition to his own audio work, he has run the Public Eyesore / Eh? labels since 1997.

Ben Salomon has been resigned to being a full fledged sound addict since birth. A constant fascination with musical practice has taken him around the globe to collaborate in numerous contexts from the excitingly noisy to unassuming cocktail muzak. Recent travels include performances and recording in the UK with Bill Baird. With Bad Jazz, Ben enjoys manipulating custom built acoustic feedback processes warped through time based effects, improvising his way from thought to thought, texture to texture. Home is New Hampshire, USA where he and family operate the best guitar store north of Boston.

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4:00 PM16:00

Radical Read-In: "Society Must Be Defended"

Olio and IDIO present

Sunday, February 19th, 4pm - 6pm

A radical read-in of Foucault's, "Society Must Be Defended" led by Professor Jamie Warren

Click here to RSVP on Facebook.

In the days before the Inauguration of Donald Trump, several academic groups and associations sent out a general call to scholars everywhere: host a read-in of Michel Foucault’s “Society Must Be Defended.” Drawing on the old leftist tradition of radical teach-ins, this call to scholars was a call to intellectual arms. As socially engaged activists and thinkers, we have a duty, many believe, to challenge the extreme anti-intellectualism of the far right, as well as the general attack on critical thinking and higher education. In this spirit, we invite you to join us for Think Olio’s first radical read-in. In the spirit of mindful protest, we will gather together on the eve of President’s Day to read Foucault’s insightful and provocative lecture on the role of race and racism in the making of the modern nation-state.  

The event will last two hours, with structured silent reading interspersed with short five-minute lectures by Professor Jamie Warren, to help navigate our way through Foucault’s complex and important argument. Finally, we will conclude with an open group discussion on how we might transform what we have learned into meaningful action. 

Please note, this event is open to all, regardless of education levels, or reading capabilities. If, for example, you are dyslexic and find reading under such circumstances to be too exhausting, we will provide one area for folks to listen in as someone reads aloud. We are committed to making this event welcoming, encouraging, and chill. We will take a complex piece of scholarship, and make it accessible and usable for all. Hope to see you there. 

*Price includes a printed copy of Foucault's “Society Must Be Defended.”

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to Feb 12

Azikiwe Mohammed, solo show

AZIKIWE MOHAMMED Potential Futures / Black Receipts

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 28th, 6-9pm
Exhibition on view through Sunday, February 12th

IDIO Gallery is proud to present Potential Futures / Black Receipts, a solo show of new work from Azikiwe Mohammed curated by Lauren Wolchik. Mohammed’s multimedia installations are layered portraits of American Blackness. He recently traveled to the cities that make up his fi ctional town of New Davonhaime with a large-format camera, questioning the ironies of identity and culture while looking for answers as to why they exist in the first place. What are the experiences that prove one’s Blackness? Do these experiences, devoid of context, still tell the tale of a people collectively building an ever-changing identity? Does the Blackness of the berry have any effect on the taste of the juice? Potential Futures / Black Receipts will feature new work from his journey and pieces inspired by its findings in the form of photographs, textiles, sculptures, and more.

Azikiwe Mohammed graduated from Bard College in 2005 with studies in photography and fine arts. He received the Rema Hort Mann Emerging Artist Grant in 2016 and the Art Matters Grant in 2015, and has completed residency programs at Pioneer Works and Mana Fine Arts. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including a solo show at Spring/Break. Mohammed lives in New York City and is currently in his second residency at Mana Fine Arts as part of their Mana BSMT program.

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7:00 PM19:00

Olio at Idio: On Civil Disobedience, Resisting the Machine

Lecture series Think Olio comes to IDIO Gallery

When a government becomes a machine that churns out injustice, it is the right and the duty of the citizen to resist the actions of that machine, to throw a spanner in its works. This talk, led by Professors Michael Haltenberger and Michael Prettyman, will focus on the seminal essay by Henry David Thoreau, “On Civil Disobedience.” We are entering a time in the United States that will almost certainly be marked by acts of protest, street theatre and direct action. It is the aim of this talk to locate the urgency of these actions firmly within an American tradition that found its most influential voice in this essay, which profoundly shaped the movements of both Mahatmas Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

“I ask for, not at once no government, but at once a better government.”
-Henry David Thoreau, “On Civil Disobedience”

This will not be a discussion aimed at bringing down government, but rather the intellectual and political underpinnings for non-cooperation with government policies that promote injustice and run counter to our shared values of tolerance, respect and living our lives in a rapidly evolving world community.

Teacher: Michael Prettyman, a graduate of the CUNY BA program, completing his final semester at the Harvard Divinity School with a Master’s Degree in Theology. He has been a visual artist for twenty years and teaches Mysticism, Asian Religions and Approaches to Religion at Hunter College.

Cash bar
Tickets: http://www.thinkolio.org/olios/civil-disobedience-resisting-machine-american-tradition/

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to Nov 19

Ciphered Bridges

Amnesia Wars presents “Ciphered Bridges”, an exhibition and in which accomplished musicians, dancers, and actors improvisationally devise performance pieces as decreed each night by international conceptual artist Køvvånng.

This exhibit marks Køvvånng’s first public performances of Cipher Art, a new experimental process by which The Artist’s prompts are interpreted and executed by a team of performers who receive the instructions remotely and perform a dance-music-comedy extravaganza for an intimate audience.

The resulting performance piece will partially resemble an art installation, a modern music-dance concert, and an improvisational comedy spectacle.
Ciphered Bridges heralds in new art-prov conceptual performance genre!
So Køvvånng decrees!



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6:00 PM18:00

Panel: Art and Hospitality

In conjunction with the exhibition, there will be a panel about the relationship between art, hospitality, and women’s role in such on Saturday, November 5th, from 6-8 PM. The panel will be facilitated by Laurel Ptak (Director of Triangle Arts Association), and including Ayden LeRoux, Emma Sulkowicz (artist, Mattress Performance [Carry That Weight]), Jamie Warren (PhD in American History), and Montana Simone (IDIO Director).

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to Oct 9

The Mad Doctors, Absolutely Not, Vamanos!, Heavy Traffic

The walking corpses of Halloween past are gathering for the mose insane-o night of rock n roll this side of October!! Absolutely Not are bringing their weird punk shit and barbaric yawps from ye olde Chicago and I'm personally quivering just thinking about it.

Backed up by the heaviest of local hitters. Fuzz abounds.

| The Mad Doctors
|| Absolutely Not (Chicago)
||| ¡Vamanos!
|||| Heavy Traffic

8 PM
<> $5 <>

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6:30 PM18:30

Post(blank) Magazine Launch

We are proud to announce and celebrate –

the Magazine Launch for POST(blank)
Issue 1: "Post-Paper"
47 artists, 100 pages, perfect-bound

Performances by 15 contributing artists and poets

Donation-based refreshments

$5 suggested donation/cover or free entrance with purchase of $25 journal

Additional books and prints available.

About Issue 1: "Post-Paper"

We have a strange and fascinating relationship with paper. It acts as a source of creativity and catharsis. It transmits massive amounts of information from the hand, to the page, and then to the reader. It is passed around as currency, ideological pamphlets, or small booklets of poetry and art. It has been at the center of riots and wars, religious doctrines, and massive genocides. It is the basis of so much of our civilization, both good and bad; and yet, many feel it teeters on the edge of extinction. The rise and domination of the digital adds a certain layer of nostalgia to all things paper, as though we were losing something instrinsic to our own nature. A massive amount of books and journals only exist online, and many important and fascinating blogs have replaced the traditional use of periodicals and pamphlets.

Still, there is nothing inherently sad about this. Maybe we will eventually come to live in a completely Post-Paper world, where everything exists in a digital format of some kind. But, until that happens, we still celebrate the continued importance of paper as a physical document and a piece of art that you can hold and experience with every sense. This, among many other reasons, is why we actively choose to print on paper – and why we chose "Paper" as the first theme of POST(blank).

We look forward to gathering with you in the spirit of art and community to celebrate the beginning of a beauitful new adventure, together, on paper!


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to Aug 28

MV Carbon: Advocatus Diaboli

“Advocatus Diaboli”  is a sonic environment that plays off of the ambiguous nature of language and meaning.  Carbon uses multi- channel  audio, and projection, to demonstrate the remonstrances of disambiguation.

Opening + Artist Talk // Thurs Aug 25

Immersive Performance //  Friday Aug 26

On View // All Weekend


MV Carbon is a Brooklyn based interdisciplinary artist.  Her work is comprised of live performance, installation, projection, music and sonic sculptures.  She aims to transform space with the use of projection, audio and sculptural environments. Her intention is to provoke an extrasensory awareness through warping the boundaries of time and space. She endorses a fluid exchange between the spectator and the art form and often calls for interaction. She works to transcend the limitations of categorization and to contrive an ongoing sense of attainability.  Her current work explores interchangeability, the human mechanism, perceptive states of consciousness, and the empirical force of nature.

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6:00 PM18:00

Border Crossing: Zorica Zafirovska

Opening: Friday, August 19, 6-9pm
Exhibition Dates: August 19 – August 21, 2016
Hours: Saturday – Sunday from 12pm – 6pm
IDIO Gallery
976 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Curated by Nataša Prljević

The ongoing migrant crisis in Europe raises many questions regarding our ability to empathize and understand the human condition. The voyeuristic mechanisms of social media provide us with a quick mediated experience of loss where our roles oscillate between victim and perpetrator.

Coming from Macedonia (Ex-Yugoslavia), Zorica Zafirovska has been tackling issues of marginality in the context of post-socialism and peripheral capitalism. Her past work has addressed human trafficking, invisibility, and neglect of Roma children in Skopje as well as gender issues in relation to dominant patriarchal values and institutions. Zafirovska brings nuanced and relevant perspectives of a female artist, formed in a dissolved country, now dependent on the institution of the European Union, yet not part of it.

Border Crossing, exhibited at IDIO Gallery, consists of a new video work, drawings, and sculptures through which Zafirovska explores mechanisms of empathy and responsibility in relation to the migrant crisis. The work has been produced during her two-month residency at Residency Unlimited, Brooklyn that she received as the winner of the Biannual Young Visual Artist Award Denes organized by The Contemporary Arts Centre (CAC), Residency Unlimited, New York, and supported from The Trust for Mutual Understanding.

Residency Unlimited is grateful to partner with IDIO Gallery, Brooklyn based contemporary art gallery and performance space that has been focused on experimental work across media with critical engagement.


Zorica Zafirovska is a visual and conceptual artist whose multi-layered practice includes drawing, installation, and design and the use of a variety of materials such as human hair and blood. Zafirovska’s work explores social, scientific and genetic development and consumerism. A major focus is human trafficking worldwide and children from the streets of Skopje, Macedonia. She is a co-founder and member of The Art InstitutFrik Banda and the female artist’s initiation Momi.

In 2016, Zafirovska was awarded the Biannual Young Visual Artist Award Denes organized by The Contemporary Arts Centre (CAC). In 2015, Zafirovska, together with Kristina Bozurska, was awarded the Open Call of Serious Interest Agency (Sia) for young visual artists (curatorial committee: Petra Bischof, Blanca de la Torre, Marta Popivoda and Nebojsha Vilik.

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