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PUNKTOBER: Black Planet // Nuclear Santa Claust // Exposeur // Spite House

BLACK PLANET shreds in from Sincinnati [sic], OH to bring you the best show of your life at IDIO. Sure to tear it up. Do not miss. 
(members Vacation)

NUCLEAR SANTA CLAUST pound their guitars like fucking jackhammers. Stand up straight in their presence. 
(Don Giovanni Records bad boys)

EXPOSEUR are a trio of the baddest bung-shrumpers around. Bring a mop to clean your face off the floor. 
(members Kakistocracy, The Measure [SA], Big Eyes, Pity Party, Flies Around It, Lilith Velkor, The Queens English, The Unlovables, Moisture, etc.)

SPITE HOUSE rips so hard you'll think your mind is being drawn and quartered. Fresh, bass-driven Brooklyn meat. Sick shit. 
(members CCTV, Magnets)

$5 - party time