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Circumstantial Evidence - Art by John Crowe & Oliver Jones

Opening Party // Friday, June 5th, 6-8PM

A multimedia show of fine art by Bushwick artists John Crowe and Oliver Jones, curated by Jack Henry on the occasion of Bushwick Open Studios.

Video/sculpture/installation/photography that reconfigures the structure and experience of popular and historical narratives and forms - like the films of John Carpenter or the reflective screen itself -  to create new feelings and experiences - 

The artist's hand is as political as the viewer's eye. What do we take for granted in the questions we ask of the signs, objects and events around us? What do the artists take for granted in the making of the work they present us? Can the artist say more about what is happening than the viewer? This is where they meet, between aesthetics and politics, in a place of responsibility to each other. A place of earnestness, playfulness, thoughtfulness, technique, openness, emptying and filling. Maximalist and minimalist. Identities assumed and destroyed, taken and given. We're not asking a question, but we invite you to.

 as evidence for new narratives.

Sponsored by Arts in Bushwick & Flavorpill