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The Veil of Dreams: Jesse Bransford and Max Razdow

Opening event for The Veil of Dreams - Saturday July 11th from 6PM - 9PM - IDIO GALLERY

Opening event for The Veil of Dreams - Saturday July 11th from 6PM - 9PM - IDIO GALLERY

Please join us at IDIO Gallery to explore the obscure reality of dreams with the opening of The Veil of Dreams, a collaborative multi-media venture by Max Razdow and Jesse Bransford, curated by Lynn Maliszewski. Coming together for over a year, the project is loosely based on Norse mythology and folklore that manifested in the artists’ dreams. After employing unique rituals and recording the results in a journal, each artist extracted narratives and images for drawings, photographs, and a joint site-specific installation. The project merges ancient Norse guidance from the Poetic Eddas with subjective experience, and mystical superstition with observation. 

SAT//July 11th// OPENING: 6-9PM 

TUES//July 14th//PANEL with Pam Grossman (Phantasmaphile), Lynn Maliszewski (curator) and the artists

FRI//July24//MUSIC//PERFORMANCE by The Jaguar Society (Jesse Bransford and Jason Martin of Power Animal Systems) + special guests

GALLERY HOURS//Thurs-Sun 12-6//Through August 11th

A unique ZINE in an edition of 50 will also be produced to accompany the exhibition. It contains a brief introduction to the project, excerpts from each artist’s respective journal, and a sampling of card-sized drawings that will be on display in full at IDIO. There will also be TEN CATALOGUES in the form of unabridged facsimiles of the dream journals for sale at the gallery. Perfect-bound and enveloped in hand-lettered cloth covers, they are a meaningful keepsake of the ulterior dimension pierced by the artists.

Works by Max Razdow courtesy of Freight + Volume.