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Panel: Art and the Occult, with Pam Grossman, Jesse Bransford & Max Razdow

Between April and October 2014 artists Jesse Bransford and Max Razdow worked on ‘The Veil of Dreams,’ an art project involving dream synchronicities, Seidr shamanistic practices, and an initiatory journey to notoriously magical sites in Iceland. For this panel, the artists will discuss the spirits they met and created, the documentation that remains a portent of their otherworldly interactions, and the experience of melting time and space. Curator Lynn Maliszewski will be on hand to add to the discussion, imparting observations from the project’s current installation at IDIO. Moderated by Pam Grossman, the discussion will cover topics of temporality, place, myth, dream, and magic’s vital importance to the artists’ ideas of creativity and art making.