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She/Folk: Art Opening with Performance by Lucy Kerr

The female and the feminine hold great power, inherently and as an alternative system to prevalent structures. She/Folk gathers work by female-identified artists from across the country to begin a conversation about representation in a space where quality is no question. The real question, the one hanging above the majority of exhibitions is - where are the great women artists? 

This fall they are at Idio Gallery. Through sculpture, painting, performance, illustration, photography, textile, and music, a different power system emerges, where ideas of strength and fragility, depth and scale, meet at new points on the gender spectrum. Their shared identity serves to highlight the variety of their perspectives and aesthetics. Their solidarity is not a reaction but a celebration. And their art will move you beyond gender, hopefully rendering shows like these irrelevant.

Opening night performance by Lucy Kerr, 8PM.

Lucy Kerr’s “The World of Wrestling” is an installation piece performed by Kerr and Mario Galeanous. This work exposes a tension between what we consider to be the natural world and the social symbols ingrained in the everyday. A repetitive cycling of building and destroying cut with moments of falling suspends and reorders familiar notions of time. Society’s efforts to control decay through the use of tools, social rituals, and gendered constructs is made visible as subject to the ultimate impermanence of all things. 

All music to benefit Planned Parenthood NYC.

Earlier Event: August 20