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OPENING Performances & Party // Phantasmagoria

Dale Appleman // Kimia Ferdowsi Kline // Caroline Echols // Beth Hoeckel // Hannah Rose Dumes // Mattea Perrotta //  Lola Rose Thompson // Montana Simone

IDIO Gallery and A Women’s Thing invite you to surrender to the Phantasmagoria // FRI JAN 22nd // celebrate intersection of dream and wake, fantasy and reality // with a ceremonial dance performance by Nana Ghana and DJ set by Maria Chavez. Beer provided by Pabst Blue Ribbon.

In early 19th century Europe, "Phantasmagoria" denoted a show of theatrical illusions, dreamlike theater and public séance. Performed with magic lanterns and rear projections, phantom-like figures would materialize and dissolve, both serving as entertainment while also providing space to explore the supernatural and unknown.

Like a modern phantasmagoria, this collection of works on paper by women from across the US taps into the same primal wonder, playing with the shifting shapes and shades of the subconscious and its associative imagery to explore the intangible. Ranging in style from ghostly figuration to complete abstraction, playful primitivism to masterful naïveté, and in intensity from whispers to roars.

On view Jan 22 - Feb 8th, Thurs-Sun 12-6PM.