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Soft Ethnic: Video Release & Performance

Soft Ethnic Video Release!!!

Video By:
Jarod Taber
Alex Rapine
Marki Becker

9PM - Soft Ethnic video release
9:30 - Soft Ethnic live -

Soft Ethnic is the brainchild of 25-year-old, Brooklyn-bred Liam Benzvi. In what sounds like an amalgamation of queer no-wave and r&b of the late 70s/early 80’s, the melodic insistence of Benzvi’s songwriting feels completely original in its delivery, and familiar in its musicality. The name “Soft Ethnic” comes from a type-casting term that was given to Benzvi during his years of acting school in Minneapolis, cheekily attributing his skin tone to his ability to be cast as a variety of “ethnic” characters. Turning to music, Benzvi formed new wave-pop outfit Strange Names with bandmate Francis Ximenez. The group relocated to Brooklyn in 2014 upon signing with the NY-based label of Les Savy Fav’s Syd Butler, Frenchkiss Records. While Strange Names remains very much in motion—their debut LP Use Your Time Wisely already out, and a second LP on the way—Benzvi says that Soft Ethnic is an experiment: “a means to over-saturate this city with my feelings.” The debut Soft Ethnic EP, Amnesia, USA, will be self-released, and out in late Spring.

First single, "Prints" (video) * unreleased

First single, "Prints" (audio)


Out Magazine, feature "It's salvation onstage for Liam Benzvi"

Merry Jane: "Simple beats are brought to life by layered vocals in “Prints,” the first single by Brooklyn’s Soft Ethnic. Melodic and easy at parts, “Prints” still packs Prince-like vocals that had me listening on repeat."