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Post(blank) Magazine Launch

We are proud to announce and celebrate –

the Magazine Launch for POST(blank)
Issue 1: "Post-Paper"
47 artists, 100 pages, perfect-bound

Performances by 15 contributing artists and poets

Donation-based refreshments

$5 suggested donation/cover or free entrance with purchase of $25 journal

Additional books and prints available.

About Issue 1: "Post-Paper"

We have a strange and fascinating relationship with paper. It acts as a source of creativity and catharsis. It transmits massive amounts of information from the hand, to the page, and then to the reader. It is passed around as currency, ideological pamphlets, or small booklets of poetry and art. It has been at the center of riots and wars, religious doctrines, and massive genocides. It is the basis of so much of our civilization, both good and bad; and yet, many feel it teeters on the edge of extinction. The rise and domination of the digital adds a certain layer of nostalgia to all things paper, as though we were losing something instrinsic to our own nature. A massive amount of books and journals only exist online, and many important and fascinating blogs have replaced the traditional use of periodicals and pamphlets.

Still, there is nothing inherently sad about this. Maybe we will eventually come to live in a completely Post-Paper world, where everything exists in a digital format of some kind. But, until that happens, we still celebrate the continued importance of paper as a physical document and a piece of art that you can hold and experience with every sense. This, among many other reasons, is why we actively choose to print on paper – and why we chose "Paper" as the first theme of POST(blank).

We look forward to gathering with you in the spirit of art and community to celebrate the beginning of a beauitful new adventure, together, on paper!