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Olio Read-In: Meditations, the Wisdom of Everyday



“Say to yourself first thing in the morning: today I shall meet people who are meddling, ungrateful, aggressive, treacherous, malicious, unsocial. I cannot be harmed by any of them.”

We can choose the way we live. Meditations, by stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius is a journal of observations and life instructions to himself that pierces through theoretical philosophical discourse into the heart of what philosophy can offer us: a different way of life. The choice of a way of life is open to all people- it is a real option that can enrich and inform our everyday experience of the world and of ourselves. This is the perspective we call wisdom- for Aurelius, philosophy is merely a preparatory exercise for wisdom. Gathering together around Meditations will allow us to apply Stoic philosophy to the dilemmas we face in life, and therby transform his philosophy into something resembling a wisdom of the everyday.

Drawing on the tradition of radical teach-ins, Think Olio is making a call to intellectual arms with read-in's on Sunday afternoons. 

In this spirit, we invite you to join us for Think Olio’s radical read-ins. Read-ins are meant to be practical, participatory, and oriented toward action. We'll ask our professors to take a complex piece of scholarship and make it accessible and usable.

As a community of socially engaged thinkers, we will focus on thoughtful solutions to the problems that are dividing us.

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