C I R C U M S T A N T I A L    E V I D E N C E


June 4 – July 5

 Curated by Jack Henry


Opening Thursday, June 4th, 6-10PM

Saturday Pop-Up Brunch by Newtown Cafe: June 6th, 11AM

Sunday Outdoor Cinema: June 7th, 8PM


Idio Gallery is pleased to announce its inaugural show, “Circumstantial Evidence”, featuring the work of Bushwick artists John Crowe and Oliver Jones in a multimedia exhibition that explores the erasure of memory. The artists reconfigure the basic elements of existing narratives - placing emphasis on the friction between what is real and imagined - until the elements take new forms. Curated by Bushwick sculptor Jack Henry, this exhibition was the winning proposal in an open call launched by Idio, Flavorpill and Arts in Bushwick. Independent curators were invited to submit proposals to exhibit local artists at IDIO Gallery for Bushwick Open Studios. Circumstantial Evidence was selected by a panel of local judges, who were blind to the curators’ and artists’ credentials and experience.


Crowe and Jones apply structuralist principles to pre-existing subject matter (film, campy 90’s television, historical records and literature). Each subject is dissected, compartmentalized and reassembled. Crowe utilizes film and objects to juxtapose physicality with the ephemerality of the moving image, transforming our perception of the source material. Jones investigates historical narratives while creating false artifacts, recontextualizing documents and staging performances. The resulting vignettes skew the history of an event into a malleable story that is continued by the actions of the artist.

About the Artists and Curator

John Crowe has lived and worked in Ridgewood since 2012. In addition to making his own work he is a core collaborator with VML, a live performance video group focused on the manipulation of video feedback. He has exhibited and performed widely in the U.S. including shows at Joymore Gallery (NY), Updown Gallery and Goatfarm Arts Center (GA), HomeSun (AK), Clocktowr Gallery (NY), ICE Box, Fleisher Ollman and ICA in Philadelphia and at Lime/Mint Gallery (CA).

Oliver Jones has maintained a studio in Bushwick since 2010. He has exhibited and performed his work throughout the New York area, including shows in New York at Nothing Space, Centotto, Macies Presents, Rockstreet, Airplane, Kinfolk Studios, Silver Shed, and Ad Hoc Gallery. He has also shown at Peekskill Projects and Shoshana Wayne Gallery in Santa Monica, CA.

Jack Henry is a sculptor based in Bushwick, NY. Circumstantial Evidence is his first curatorial project.

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