Our former gallery location as closed.

We are popping up in new and exciting locations

and online!

IDIO Gallery is the radical host to experimental art and music in New York.

IDIO was a contemporary art gallery and performance space located between iron and auto workshops in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The 100-year-old space was once a horse barn, a muralist headquarters and a rave dungeon. Originally founded as Idiosyncrasy in 2013 by Mary-Evelyn Pritchard, the gallery was re-opened by Montana Simone as Idio in 2015. As a curator, Montana aims to foster iconoclastic arts, challenging thought and the experience of freedom in a time of consumerist conformity - seeking experimental work across media, from 2D (painting, illustration, printmaking, collage, etc) to sculpture, installation, performance, sound art, experimental film and video and music. 

General Inquiries - IdioGallery@gmail.com