IDIO Gallery is pleased to exhibit a series of unique conceptual sculptures by Erik Plambeck

OPENING with drinks and live music  

Thursday, April 7th

6 – 11 PM

Erik Plambeck’s beautifully executed sculptures are objects of conceptual contemplation. They address the authority of experience, memory, participation, and subjectivity as a whole. Created with great precision and attention to design, they move, interact, and respond to the viewer in seemingly magical ways that extend their concepts and invite critical thought.

The show’s two main concepts, self-sponsorship and self-awareness, are presented differently and in sequence throughout gallery and basement space. A wooden box containing two mechanical hands slowly approaching and receding, ad infinitum, longs for us to entertain it with our memory of the Sistine Chapel. Four machinist levels filled with the artist’s blood sit perfectly horizontal, their universality and usefulness replaced by the subjective standard of the artist’s body, and its universal deterioration. The falling of white snow in a glass bell jar invites us to insert our nostalgia, while also erasing it – bringing the past and present together without changing either. Self-sponsorship is the possibility of constructing a world that we can settle in, rather than settle upon; a perfect world defined by our subjectivity.

You will be asked to clock in and clock out via a traditional time card system, a cumulative work of minute labor. You will find yourself applauding yourself. In your experience of art, self-sponsorship will no longer rely on the dominance of authority over the world, but on the experience of self within the world.

About the Artist

Erik Plambeck was born in Mission Viejo, California. He received a BA in Fine Art from Point Loma Nazarene University in 2006 and an MFA from Pratt Institute in 2013, with Highest Distinction and an Outstanding Merit Award. Plambeck currently works in Brooklyn, New York.

Curated by Montana Simone

Gallery Hours: Thursday - Sunday // 12 - 6PM // or by appointment

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