Mike Taylor

Condensed Flesh

Thursday, October 13th - Sunday October 30th

Opening 6PM - 11PM, Thursday, October 13th

IDIO Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new paintings and works on paper by Mike Taylor. Condensed Flesh brings us Taylor’s most abstracted work yet, a series of paintings completed very recently, extending from 2012. Combining painting, illustration and printmaking, they build a composite portraiture, an anthropomorphous topography, a psychedelic landscape where a modernist familiarity is disrupted by the punk printmaker’s approach.

Reflective of the back-to-front process of screen-printing, Taylor builds from lightest to darkest colors, filling his psychogeographies with fruit-like shapes and fleshy colors that produce a spectrum of secondary and tertiary shades. Added last, darker notes of urban structure create lines and boundaries. Authority figures and nods to class warfare sneak into the picture, only to be mangled and broken. Saccharine colors and playful objects draw us into the venus flytrap, like a comforting object weans us from the mother’s teat into the poisonous juices of society. Taylor wanders the fragmented city making marks and noting landmarks. Unsure of whether we’re in the sandbox or in the desert, there is a war at hand, between the modern and the trans-modern, unsure of reality but awoken from the postmodern trance.

Taylor’s vocabulary of destabilized symbols whether botanical, orthodontic, military, alchemical, biological or art historical, bridge his paintings and graphic works on paper. Unfinished drawings, printmaking debris, and new patterned prints provide the raw materials of the show's collage works. Displayed salon-style in the downstairs gallery, his studio practice becomes an open book, the graphic styles and colors like punches from the underground.

Condensed Flesh is a rarely seen explosion of painting from a renowned graphic artist whose image/text-based works and limited edition books have been published and collected by museums and institutions worldwide.

Please join us on Thursday, October 13th to discover and celebrate Condensed Flesh, with music and refreshments from 6PM – 11PM at IDIO Gallery, 976 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY 11211