NURD is a series of lectures, classes, readings and panels at IDIO

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Olio and IDIO present

Sunday, February 19th, 4pm - 6pm

A radical read-in of Foucault's, "Society Must Be Defended" led by Professor Jamie Warren

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Click the image to purchase tickets.

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In the days before the Inauguration of Donald Trump, several academic groups and associations sent out a general call to scholars everywhere: host a read-in of Michel Foucault’s “Society Must Be Defended.” Drawing on the old leftist tradition of radical teach-ins, this call to scholars was a call to intellectual arms. As socially engaged activists and thinkers, we have a duty, many believe, to challenge the extreme anti-intellectualism of the far right, as well as the general attack on critical thinking and higher education. In this spirit, we invite you to join us for Think Olio’s first radical read-in. In the spirit of mindful protest, we will gather together on the eve of President’s Day to read Foucault’s insightful and provocative lecture on the role of race and racism in the making of the modern nation-state.  

The event will last two hours, with structured silent reading interspersed with short five-minute lectures by Professor Jamie Warren, to help navigate our way through Foucault’s complex and important argument. Finally, we will conclude with an open group discussion on how we might transform what we have learned into meaningful action. 

Please note, this event is open to all, regardless of education levels, or reading capabilities. If, for example, you are dyslexic and find reading under such circumstances to be too exhausting, we will provide one area for folks to listen in as someone reads aloud. We are committed to making this event welcoming, encouraging, and chill. We will take a complex piece of scholarship, and make it accessible and usable for all. Hope to see you there. 


*Price includes a printed copy of Foucault's “Society Must Be Defended.”

Lecture: On Civil Disobedience, Resisting the Machine

presented with Think Olio!

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

7:30PM / $12

Lecture series Think Olio comes to IDIO Gallery
When a government becomes a machine that churns out injustice, it is the right and the duty of the citizen to resist the actions of that machine, to throw a spanner in its works. This talk, led by Professors Michael Haltenberger and Michael Prettyman, will focus on the seminal essay by Henry David Thoreau, “On Civil Disobedience.” We are entering a time in the United States that will almost certainly be marked by acts of protest, street theatre and direct action. It is the aim of this talk to locate the urgency of these actions firmly within an American tradition that found its most influential voice in this essay, which profoundly shaped the movements of both Mahatmas Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

“I ask for, not at once no government, but at once a better government.”
-Henry David Thoreau, “On Civil Disobedience”

This will not be a discussion aimed at bringing down government, but rather the intellectual and political underpinnings for non-cooperation with government policies that promote injustice and run counter to our shared values of tolerance, respect and living our lives in a rapidly evolving world community.

Teacher: Michael Prettyman, a graduate of the CUNY BA program, completing his final semester at the Harvard Divinity School with a Master’s Degree in Theology. He has been a visual artist for twenty years and teaches Mysticism, Asian Religions and Approaches to Religion at Hunter College.

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Panel: Art & Hospitality

Saturday, November 5th, 2016

6-8PM / FREE

In conjunction with Ayden LeRoux's installation, (Untitled), Four Beds, IDIO held a panel about the relationship between art, hospitality, and women’s role in such from 6-8 PM. The panel was facilitated by Laurel Ptak (Director of Triangle Arts Association), and included Ayden LeRouxEmma Sulkowicz (artist, Mattress Performance [Carry That Weight]), Jamie Warren (PhD in American History), and Montana Simone (IDIO Director).

What does it mean to surrender and be vulnerable in an art space? What are the aesthetics of intimacy? What are the poetics of labor that exist in operating a gallery? How is hospitality embedded in the act of creating art? Is hospitality an act necessary to the survival of art spaces? 

In conjunction with Ayden LeRoux's solo exhibition "(Untitled), four beds" which invites visitors to sleep in the gallery for a night, IDIO Gallery is hosting a conversation about the relationship between art and hospitality. Laurel Ptak will facilitate a dialogue between four women: Ayden LeRoux, Emma Sulkowicz , Jamie Warren and Montana Simone.

For more info on the exhibition that opened on November 3rd, 2016 from 6-9 pm:

Ayden LeRoux is an artist and author whose work has been exhibited internationally, in Cuba, Greece, and China, as well as domestically in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. She is also the Assistant Director of Odyssey Works, a collaborative group that studies the life of one individual in order to make massive, durational performances for and about them. Her book "Odyssey Works: Transformative Experiences for an Audience of One", co-authored with Abraham Burickson, is out from Princeton Architectural Press in November 2016. 

Emma Sulkowicz (b. 1992) lives and makes art in her hometown, New York City. She earned a BFA in Visual Arts from Columbia University in 2015 and is studying studio art in the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program. She is perhaps best known for her senior thesis at Columbia University -- "Mattress Performance (Carry That Weight)" -- an endurance performance artwork in which she carried a dorm mattress everywhere on Columbia's campus for as long as she attended the same school as her attacker. Her more recent works include "Ceci N'est Pas Un Viol," an Internet-based participatory artwork, and "Self-Portrait (Performance With Object)," which was her first solo gallery show.

Laurel Ptak is the Director of Triangle Arts Association as well as an artist, curator, and educator. Ptak created "Wages for Facebook", and is the co-editor of "Undoing Property" with Marysia Lewandowska.

Montana Simone is the Director of IDIO Gallery, as well an artist and musician. 

Jamie Warren has a Ph.D. in American History from Indiana University, and she is an Assistant Professor at BMCC-CUNY where she teaches American history, the history of women and gender, and women’s studies. Her research focuses on slavery in antebellum South with a particular focus on death, the body, and the philosophy of history.