IDIO Gallery is excited to present a show of fine art and music by the young Brazilian and American artists of Resiste Collective. Bonded by art, friendship and skateboarding, they photograph their lives, collage their decks, create psychedelic worlds and paint their nightmares. They bring fresh color, play and ambition to New York’s skate and street art scene and give us a great opportunity to close out the summer in block party style – with dozens of bands, DJs and live painters, the Resiste Festival is not to miss.

 Opening: Thursday, 6-11PM (with music by Veeps).

Festival Events:

>> Saturday, August22nd, 8PM – 1AM:

+ Magnets (

+ Vamanos (

+ Lilith Velkor (


>> Saturday, August 29th, 4PM – 1AM:

+ Dark Tunnels (

+ The Travelers (

+ Veep w/ Lace Panther (

+ Enasni Leber (

+ Ajo (


The artists:

-       Pedro Andrade

-       Roy Wade

-       Germano Chu

-       Guiri Reyes

-       Veeps

+ Live painting by Ola Kalnins on The Mind Machine schoolbus

+ Live coverage by The Soul Stoned