OPENING FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 18, 6PM-10PM with a performance by Lucy Kerr, "The World of Wrestling" at 8PM

Panel: Tues. Sept 22nd on Art/Feminism, 7PM. Moderator: Jacqueline Mabey with artists and guest speakers Kiran Gandhi and Abigail Deatly

Concert Saturday Sept 26th, 8PM: Shara LunonWolkoff!DJ Ashlyn

Concert Saturday Oct 3rd, 8PM: Jessica RisingEmily Fehler, The Riot Oak

Click here to read our Open Letter to Broadly, in response to their coverage of She/Folk's Panel, Art & Feminism.

The female and the feminine hold great power, inherently and as an alternative system to prevalent structures. She/Folk gathers work by female-identified artists from across the country to begin a conversation about representation in a space where quality is no question. The real question, the one hanging above the majority of exhibitions is - where are the great women artists?  

This fall they are at Idio Gallery. Through sculpture, painting, performance, illustration, photography, textile, and music, a different power system emerges, where ideas of strength and fragility, depth and scale, meet at new points on the gender spectrum. Their shared identity serves to highlight the variety of their perspectives and aesthetics. Their solidarity is not a reaction but a celebration. And their art will move you beyond gender, hopefully rendering shows like these irrelevant.

Curated by Idio Gallery & She/Folk.

All music benefitting Planned Parenthood.

OPENING PERFORMANCE: Lucy Kerr’s “The World of Wrestling” is an installation piece performed by Kerr and Mario Galeanous. This work exposes a tension between what we consider to be the natural world and the social symbols ingrained in the everyday. A repetitive cycling of building and destroying cut with moments of falling suspends and reorders familiar notions of time. Society’s efforts to control decay through the use of tools, social rituals, and gendered constructs is made visible as subject to the ultimate impermanence of all things. 

She/Folk is an online platform created and curated by Arianne Keegan and Nico Mazza, gathering women creators, their work and their stories. They have published a vast range of women’s voices as She/Lore, hosted contributors on their blog, and housed Creator Interviews. Now, the She/Folk show brings their online Gallery to life, joining these voices with New York’s contemporary art community at Idio Gallery. 


IDIO Shelves curated by A Woman's Thing Magazine – introducing their interactive installation, Minimalism, to accompany the sale of their bold and ad-free quarterly publication that seeks to shift the focus away from beauty and lifestyle topics to the diversity of women’s professional and personal lives.

About the Artists:

Elizabeth Bick sees the street as neutral ground where improvisational collaborative performance happens every moment. Born in Houston and trained as a dancer, she holds a BFA in Photography from Loyola University and an MFA in Photography from Yale.   

Lucy Kerr is a Brooklyn-based director, dancer, choreographer, and writer. Lucy creates performances and films that explore the every day and the unfamiliar, documenting through poetic and academic philosophical writings.

Claire Durand-Gasselin was born in Paris in 1985. After a BA and years of professional wandering in the creative field, she entered an MFA at La Sorbonne University in 2013. She's now living in New-York, wandering in her inner visions and making Art everyday. 

Madeline Gallucci received a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute. Her recent projects have involved working with painting, drawing, and digital prints. She was the 2015 Artist in Residence at Hotel Phillips and is currently the Co-Director of Front/Space, a project space in Kansas City. 

Dana James is a native New Yorker and graduated from the School of Visual Arts, class of 2008.  In addition to actively showing in both solo and group shows, she has also curated for various venues and galleries in Brooklyn. 

Megan Karson is an illustrator and photographer living and working in Kansas City, MO. Her work explores the contrast between the fluidity of the female form and the harsh repetition of geometric design. 

Juliet Martin is a New York City-based fiber artist who sculpts her handwoven fabric into often autobiographical works.

Nico Mazza is half of She/Folk, with a foundation in fiber art. Her work stems from a fascination with tradition and how it is preserved, repeated, and fractured over time. Small actions of thread on fabric, express admiration for this tradition while erotic images revel in tearing it apart.  

Montana Simone is an artist and musician living in Brooklyn. Her conceptual practice, radical hospitality, extends to film, sculpture, performance, and curating Idio Gallery.

Juli Elin Toro is a fiber artist and sculptor living and working in Nevada City, California. Juli's work revolves around themes of decadence, play, gluttony, and organizing chaos.

Dot Vile is a sculpture and installation artist from Philadelphia. Working primarily with cloth and found objects, she deals with themes of strength, fragility and femininity.